Coloured Concrete by Surrey Driveways

What is coloured concrete?
Coloured concrete is a very popular decorative concrete.
Surrey Driveways coloured concrete provides an outdoor paving alternative for commercial concrete paving & landscaping, concrete driveways, swimming pool surrounds, garden paths and outdoor entertaining areas.
Our Coloured concrete technology is exclusive to Surrey Driveways, and means our coloured concrete contains a colour enhancer to provide brighter, more durable colours.
Can be used in commercial & residential concrete flooring & exterior paving.
How is concrete coloured?
Concrete can be coloured with the addition of a pigment (coloured cement oxides) into the concrete and sprinkled on top of concrete and troweled in with special floats,  while patterns are achieved with  edging strips, forming borders around individual areas.



This is the colours that can be used