Permeable Concrete from Surrey Driveways

What is Permeable Concrete

Permeable Concrete is a structural concrete pavement with a large volume (15 to 35 percent) of interconnected voids.
It is one of the key technologies behind SUDS - Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems - as it enables "Source Control", control of storm water at its source.
Like conventional concrete, its made from a mixture of cement, coarse aggregates, and water.
However, it contains little or no sand, which results in a porous open-cell structure that water passes through rapidly.

The network of voids gives the concrete its characteristic honeycomb texture.

When Permeable concrete is used for paving, it can take in rainwater at a rapid rate of 3 to 5 gallons per minute per square foot of surface area, which exceeds the flow rate needed to prevent run-off in most rain events.

Can the voids in the pavement become clogged, and thus ineffective?

It's unlikely that a Permeable surface will become totally clogged.
If any voids do become clogged, vacuuming or pressure washing of the pavement can restore the permeability.

Can decorative treatments be applied to Permeable concrete pavements ?

Many landscape architects like the rough-textured look of plain Permeable concrete.
But for installers like Surrey Driveways who like to enhance the aesthetics, there are several option's available.
Water-based concrete stains can be sprayed onto the surface after installation.

How strong is a typical Permeable concrete pavement?

It's possible to achieve Permeable concrete comprehensive strengths of 3000 to 4000 psi and flex-ural strengths of 500 to 600 psi, which are on par with conventional concrete.
With the use of admixtures, today's Permeable concrete mixes can be made with less water, which improves strength and durability.

Can Permeable concrete be used in climates exposed to freezing ?

In most cases, the strength and durability of Permeable concrete make it resistant to potential cracking from freezing and thawing.

Can Permeable pavements be used over impervious, clayey soils?

Yes, but the Permeable concrete should be installed over a permeable sub-grade layer of rock several inches thick.
This additional layer will allow the pavement to hold more water until its absorbed into the ground.

What about maintenance?

Generally the only maintenance needed is to occasionally sweep, pressure wash, or vacuum the pavement to remove any debris that might clog the voids and inhibit water penetration.
Permeable Concrete
Above is a Permeable Concrete footpath with Block Paving edgings 
Permeable Concrete under Block Paving Driveways with GTex Membrane to stop any sand from washing away 
A Decorative Shingle Driveway with Eco Grids and Permeable Concrete for that extra allowance of drainage  
We use permeable Concrete under Resin to give it a better rate of drainage 



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