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Tar and chip driveway is an affordable, low maintenance paving solution There are many benefits to having a tar and chip driveway, and cost is one of the major ones.
A tar and chip driveway costs less, but it also has many benefits over other driveway paving options.
The fact that it is low-maintenance is probably the one most often cited.
While a tar and chip driveway looks like a gravel driveway on the surface, it is actually a layer of coloured chip stone pressed into hot liquid tar.
While some loose stone ends up here and there on the surface, the underlying chip is embedded, stable and sturdy.
Cost effective, fast and attractive It never needs to be sealed or cleaned It hides oil stains fairly well and only needs to be resurfaced about every 10 years.
A tar and chip driveway is a fast attractive and cost-effective option.
This process gives the impression of a 'deep filled' gravel or stone driveway, but without the problems of wheel ruts, rain water pooling, etc.
Tar and chip involves the spraying of hot bitumen, into which the desired aggregate (golden gravel, grey granite, etc) is embedded.
The bitumen cures and can be used by vehicles within half an hour of application and can cover either tarmac, type one stone or concrete surfaces.
If you are looking at resurfacing or putting in a new driveway, consider how tar and chip driveway costs are very reasonably low compared with other possibilities.

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